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So after checking out the online casino review sites and perhaps by asking a few friends, you’ve found yourself a well recommended online casino and now want to take the next step and get playing! Well, instead of throwing yourself in at the deep-end straight away (i.e playing for big money) a sensible option would be to get a feel of your new favourite casino, and maybe try out a few of the games. Most online casinos now feature a ‘free play’ function, and what this essentially means is that individuals can play the slot machines just as they would if they were playing for money, but no cash has to be involved. It’s a way to practice and hone your skills, and at many websites it’s actually called ‘practice mode’, so look out for that.

Now, clearly you’ll be ready to get going and play for the megabucks, but if you’re new to that particular casino then it’s best to play with no money involved to start with, and get a feel of the atmosphere. Also, there’s no pressure involved in free play mode, so you can learn the ins and outs of the slots, and maybe even choose the type of slot you’re likely to play when money is involved. Online slots are supposed to be enjoy from the comfort of your own home anyway, so why not make it that bit more relaxing, and get experience in the types of slots you’ll be playing first. Many casinos will ask you to enter your payment details as soon as you register (even if you want to start with free play) and this is simply to save time once you do begin playing the slots for real.
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